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The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships (CSWWC) firmly believe in providing data protection practices in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 and our own Privacy Policy.

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information, and providing you with full control over the data you permit us to store, and how this data will be used. Data can be defined as any information relating to the identification of an individual e.g. name, address, date-of-birth (DOB), contact details, etc.

Please read the following information carefully for details of our Privacy Policy (last updated 19/06/18). In the likelihood of our Privacy Policy being updated in the future, we recommend for you to re-visit periodically, to access our most up-to-date version.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions concerning your data by emailing We are happy to talk directly with anyone using our services about how we handle their data internally.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018, the CSWWC is classified as a ‘data controller’. Within this role, we are responsible for storing and processing your personal information with consent, securely and responsibly.

  1. What Data Do We Collect?

    The data we may collect from you predominantly takes the form of non-personal information. Personal information involves any data which can be attributed to your identification e.g. name, address, DOB and contact numbers. Data collection points within our service provision have been listed below:

    • At the point of online registration through the CSWWC website, we collect an email address and corresponding password connected to your new online CSWWC account.
    • Should you have contacted us, we may also hold records of such correspondence. This correspondence will most commonly be in the form of e-mails through our email provider, Intelligent Solutions.
    • When engaging in our services through our shopping cart, your payment information is collected via our payment service prover, Stripe i.e. payment card account number, security code and expiry date. Although CSWWC do not see or store your payment card details, we do collect entrant contact data i.e. name, address and contact. Contact data will either be non-personal or personal depending on the nature of the competition entry; the reference data for entrants relating to a larger vineyard will be more likely to be non-personal, compared to those from small, independent vineyards.
    • In visiting our website, we collect various forms of non-personal data through cookies. This data includes how you interact with the website (pages visited, resources accessed and links followed), anonymised location data (IP addresses), time zones, and languages. Depending on the settings on your device, we may also collect data on the type of device you are using and its operating system.

    All data collected is stored for a specific purpose (see section 2, ‘Why is your data stored and how will it be used?’). In maintaining our storage systems, we delete all data which is no longer necessary; with our competition being an annual occurrence, data relating to our competition participants is cleared annually post-competition (excluding personal email addresses compromising our mailing list).

    You have the right to request access to any data we have stored in your name. We are committed to responding to your request – free of charge – within 30 days.

  2. Why is your data stored and how will it be used?

    It is essential for us to use the data you provide us with so that we can:

    • Smoothly operate the championships by keeping you, as a valued participant, fully informed and up to date with proceedings. In providing this service, we must also draw on your personal information to respond to your requests and notify you of any changes to our services. In some instances, we may also connect with you seeking voluntary feedback on our services.
    • Run our mailing list. Only in cases where you have actively chosen to join our mailing list, will we use your personal information to advertise upcoming championships and opportunities for you to re-enter.
    • Process payments, in fulfilling order requests from our shopping cart. This data will be used to support and verify financial transactions relating to the championships. This data will only be accessible to our payment service provider, Stripe, as is essential in processing your payment. CSWWC do not see or store your payment card details. Alternatively, payments are processed via bank transfers, arranged independently by the entrant vineyards themselves.
    • Conduct data analytics to improve our website, mailing communication and service provision. We take the opportunity to learn from our service users in how they use and interact with our website and engage with our mailing list content (email open rates and link clicks). With this information, we are able to create content more suited to your needs and interests.

    Your personal data, as a championship participant, will be routinely cleared from our systems. This is in line with the annual closure of the championship and renewal of our application process (the only exception being, if you have decided to join our mailing list – where your personal data supporting our ongoing correspondence will be securely stored).

  3. Your data is safely secured

    Your personal data is privately stored within secure, password-protected databases, both on our personal server and on cloud storage systems (via Dropbox and Mailchimp). Our data stores are only ever accessed by authorised staff from the CSWWC, and only when there is a legitimate business need.

  4. Freely opt-in and out of how your data is stored and used

    In providing CSWWC with your personal information, we are sure to only use that information for the purpose stated i.e. to create a website account, to process payments or to respond to your requests. We also make sure that you are given a clear and fully informed choice as to whether you accept cookies from our website or decide to join our mailing list. This choice will always be a process of positively opting-in, by either ticking a check box or selecting a link to issue your consent.

    You are able to opt-out of our services at any time and withdraw your consent for us to store and use your data. In this event, you can request that we delete your data from our systems.

    Any data deletion requests we receive will be processed – free of charge – within 30 days of receipt, with the specified data having been cleared.

    Should you decide you no longer wish to subscribe to our mailing list, there is an ‘Unsubscribe’ link provided at the bottom of each of the emails we send via this avenue.

  5. Will your data be shared with any third parties?

    We will never share your personal data to any external agents unnecessarily. This means that we protect your privacy, so you can avoid receiving undesired targeted marketing without your consent. To enable us to provide our service we must share selected data with the following third parties (data processors):

    All of our trusted data processors are obliged to conform to the GDPR, and have their own published privacy policies linked above. Our use of these data processors will have no personal impact on our service users beyond our ability to meet the needs of our service (described under section 2, ‘Why is your data stored and how will it be used?’).

    We also share non-personal data with the third party, Sensible Wine Services, to support the event management of our competition. This data is strictly limited to non-personal details of the entrant wines under assessment.

    Assignment Clause

    In the instance that CSWWC is passed on to a new business owner, our data stores will also be passed on. In line with the permission already received by individuals, this data will continue to be used by CSWWC, but only for the purposes it was originally collected for.

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