Shipping your wines to CSWWC

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Shipping your wines to CSWWC

Wine samples (4 bottles of each wine entered, whether 75cl, 150cl or jeroboams) need to arrive at Sensible Wine Services, by 25th September 2020.

Late arrivals will not be accepted and neither credits nor refunds will be issued if the wines fail to arrive on time.

The delivery address is:

c/o Sensible Wine Services,
Unit 10, Dana Trading Estate,
Transfesa Road, Paddock Wood,
Kent, TN12 6UT

Please download the CSWWC Delivery Label and attach this to each of your sample boxes.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to use your own carrier service you are fully responsible for ALL transportation costs including taxes, duty and storage. The CSWWC will NOT be responsible for your shipping and customs charges.

Please do NOT use standard postal systems. They always get held up at customs, and we are unable to clear or collect.

The CSWWC cannot confirm receipt of any wine samples until AFTER 25th September (the deadline for receipt of all wines at Sensible Wine Services).

Optional CSWWC Global Shipping Service

We are again offering a special CSWWC Global Shipping Service in conjunction with Hellmann Beverage Logistics, for those entrants who prefer not to use their own carrier service. If you wish to use this service, contact your local Hellmann agent from the list below.  They must receive your samples by 11th September 2020.

The CSWWC Global Shipping Service offers shipping from the following countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and the United States. We believe that the CSWWC Global Shipping Service is cheaper and more reliable than most other services like DHL, TNT, FedEx etc.

How to use this service:

  1. The cost is £80 per entry outside Europe and £60 per entry within Europe, which must be paid directly to CSWWC, either by credit or debit card via this website when you pay for your wine entries, or by invoice and bank transfer by emailing Eva Callaghan.
    • This includes charges associated with duty, storage, carriage UK clearance and taxes on samples supplied.
  2. Contact your local Hellmann Beverage Logistics approved shipping agent (see list below) as soon as possible and arrange to deliver your wine samples to them by 11th September 2020.
    • It is the entrant’s responsibility to contact their Hellmann agent. The CSWWC does not take responsibility for any logistics for using this service.
  3. It is the responsibility of the entrant to pay all delivery charges up to the point where their local Hellmann Beverage Logistics’ approved shipping agent receives the samples.
    • If you are using a private courier please mark “Shipper accepts charges” on your couriers’ shipping forms to ensure that all costs get charged to you.
    • Keep a copy of this, it is required by Hellmann Beverage Logistic as proof that UK Duties have been paid.
  4. All boxes containing wine samples must be clearly labelled on the outside using the following details 
    1. Wine Samples – Not for Commercial SaleThe full address of the competition: Champagne& Sparkling Wine World Championships. Sensible Wine Services, Unit 10, Dana Trading Estate, Transfesa Road, Paddock Wood, Kent, TN12 6UTEntrant ID no: This is your order number upon entry to the competitionYour Company Name/Producer Name….

      Cut-off date of the competition. 24th April 2020

      Shipper – Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

  5. Submitters using a Hellmann Beverage Logistics agent for shipping their samples will have to attach 5 copies of the airway bill which will be sent to them by email after submission of their entry.

CSWWC Approved Hellmann Beverage Logistics Shipping Agents can be downloaded here:

CSWWC Partner list 2020


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