Calling ALL CSWWC 2019 Sparkling Wine Producers …

Calling ALL CSWWC 2019 Sparkling Wine Producers …



One of the UK’s foremost Chinese wine experts – Janet Wang (author of The Chinese Wine Renaissance, National radio and TV presenter) is spearheading an exciting new wine academy at Lu Ban Liverpool. and is looking for sparkling wine producers to get involved.

She is collaborating with the newly opened Lu Ban Restaurant and Culinary Arts School and working with them going forward across wine events and wine training.  A key project and collaboration between the UK and China educational initiatives to offer apprenticeship opportunities to students from the UK and China, in high end Chinese culinary arts, and also to bring more understanding and awareness of wine service to Chinese menus and restaurants.  As such one of her roles is to explore Chinese food with sparkling wines around the world.

Janet is set to host a number of sparkling wine events and training programs at Lu Ban moving forwards with a longer term focus on the education side of this project – introducing sparkling wine knowledge into Chinese culinary training. 

As entries of CSWWC if you would like an introduction to Janet Wang please let me know?
Some more information about Lu Ban: 
BBC reports:
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